Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea

What is fruit tea? To some it may be a new term and to others it may be the answer to many health questions. It seems to be a healthier alternative to coffee or energy drinks but what is it? It is not sweetened beverages like soda, cordial or even tea. What makes it different?

Fruit tea is simply a blend comprised of fresh, dried fruit, sugar-free syrup and water that has been boiled. Pure fruit tea has absolutely no added ingredients other than fruits, nothing else. That means you can use this as a drink anytime you would like. For breakfast, a delicious breakfast drink, after dinner treat or for an afternoon pick me up. You can choose fruit based on your taste, sweetness or fruit flavor for that extra special treat. There are a number of fruit tea blends to choose from.

Fruit Tea

What Fruit Teas are Made of

Popular flavors include cherry, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, orange, strawberry, peach, and blueberry. Many are made from combinations of fruits, and some also include herbs and spices. On the supermarket shelf, they are usually included with herbal teas, which are also technically herbal infusions rather than genuine teas.

Preparing Fruit Tea

It is usually made in multiple servings. Usually 4-6 servings are made.

An easy way to prepare is firstly brew the equivalent of 2-3 cups of tea, and then allows the tea to cool in a glass or glazed pitcher. Plastic and metal pitchers are not recommended because they may pass on undesirable flavors.

While the tea is cooling, make 2-4 cups of fruit juice either by manually squeezing fruit, or through a fruit juicer. When the tea is cooled, pour the juice into the tea and mix well. The tea should be allowed to chill for several hours before serving.

It can be topped with slices of fruit or ice.

Health warnings on fruit tea

The majority of it is safe for consumption, but care should be taken with made from tropical fruits such as custard apple and pawpaw.

it is made from custard apple or pawpaw can inflict a disease similar to Parkinson’s Disease. The symptoms were often as deadly as the progressive brain disorder, but the age of onset is lower and the disease is resistant to standard Parkinson’s Disease treatments.

According to one study, It is made from these fruits contains a toxin that is poisonous to the human nervous system. The fruits contain a natural insecticide that can cause nerve damage. Examples of symptoms caused by the disease include tremors, rigidity and balance problems.

Benefits of Fruit tea

Experience a refreshing healthy drink without caffeine – fruit tea. A terrific ‘tea’ that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed hot or cold! The delicious blends of various dried fruits combined with the natural flavors create a summertime cooler or a winter time summer reminder in that drink. Refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet.

An added benefit of it is that these ‘teas’ contain Vitamin C. What could be better – a healthy drink that tastes GREAT! To enhance the flavor try adding a bit of sugar. The sugar combines with the natural flavors and intensifies the flavor. For your young children – get Popsicle forms and freeze lightly sweeten fruit tea, your kids will love it!

It’s easy to see why people love this drink. Its delicate, delicious flavors make fruit tea a more easily acquired taste than stronger teas. It’s naturally caffeine-free, safe and healthy to drink. There are hundreds of different types of fruit teas on the market, so whatever your taste, there’s sure to be a fruit tea you’ll love.